David P. Stevens (TruFans Membership)

As a David P. Steven's (Tru-Fans Member) you will receive:
- You will be able to submit feedback to David on ideas for new projects, performances, and receive "free" gifts
- Access to seeing and hearing the creation of new music
- "Free" Digital downloads of the newly created music
- Access to seeing and hearing studio practice sessions, music performances, and special messages for the Tru-Fans
- "Free" tickets to venues and pop-up concert locations
- Soundcheck Meet & Greet at a concert venue where possible
- Exclusive merchandise discount codes and patron-only merch options

You can be a part of the Tru-Fans Membership experience for a $6.00 monthly membership fee.

After your initial $6.00 fee is paid, you will receive a payment invoice each month for $6.00 until you cancel.