Da Groove Radio Show

After taking off 5 years from producing radio networks (111 East Jazz, 111 East Neo, 111 East Digital, 111 East Praise), Baron Harris (BHarris Music) returned to radio in October 2016 with a new radio show called “Da Groove”! The program features 2 hours of Jazz, Soul and Funk music from some of the hottest artists featured in the music industry. The show will features BHM and on ocassion international guest DJ's and radio personalities presenting great music and commentary. Join us on Da Groove!

The goal of our radio show series is to:

– Highlight the talent in Jazz, Soul and Funk within the music industry during the weekly radio show
– Provide music industry professionals such as DJs, Radio stations, Talent Buyers, Promoters and other industry professionals an opportunity to review the featured artist brands that will be showcased on our program every week
– Encourage fans to review the artist brand, music projects, music credits and purchase tickets to artist performances as well as access other content

Our program goal is to featured as many indie and small label artists that are seeking radio airplay on a syndicated weekly radio show. Our show has maximum reach of up to 7.2 million weekly listeners.


Da Groove Radio Show
Saturdays @ 9pm EST
Radio Station: KYBN Radio

Da Groove Radio Show
Coming Soon
Radio Station: KickFM Radio

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Da Groove Radio Show

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Da Groove Radio Show